f(x)’s Victoria rumored to be in a relationship

Rumors are quickly spreading that  f(x)’s Victoria may be in a relationship with Chinese actor, Yang Yang through SNS. 

Rumors are quickly spreading that Victoria is dating actor Yang Yang, with both Korean and Chinese media reporting on the story.

Just months ago, Victoria’s personal studio for China announced that they had contracted Yang Yang’s manager to represent her in China.

The two further share a connection through Chinese romantic drama “Cocoon Town Legend”. Victoria and Yang Yang played lead roles where their characters become engaged and shared some close moments.

However, Sina and MBN News quickly reported on an update after apparently speaking to their agency. While the MBN article has been deleted, a Google Cache version of the story reveals, “Yang Yang and Victoria’s dating rumor spread through SNS because people did not realize they were in the same agency. They simply know each other.”

Rumors began due to the two stars close relationship, with fans pointing out older stories such as these mentioned in the past:

*Note: These tweets are just examples and not the creators of the rumors.

Source: MBN News, and Sina News