[★TRENDING] G-Dragon and T.O.P to make GD&TOP comeback?

With the release of YG Entertainment’s mysterious “Who’s Next?” poster, a follow up report regarding GD&TOP’s 2nd album has been claimed, making the duo’s comeback all the more possible.

According to an industry official on November 14th, a YG Entertainment artist is set to release a new album in the near future. However, details of whether it will be a digital single or full album have not yet been disclosed.

The industry official stated that the best possible and eligible candidate for the comeback would be GD&TOP, a BIGBANG sub-unit which debuted in 2010 with the track “High High.” The official revealed that GD&TOP recently scheduled an upcoming appearance on KBS’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, stating, “Instead of making a comeback through an end-of-the-year awards show like they did during their first sub-unit debut, wouldn’t their appearance together on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook mean that it’s for a comeback?

If this alleged comeback is confirmed to be true, this would be GD&TOP’s first comeback in four years. However, when Star Today spoke with a digital record company representative, the representative stated, “We cannot disclose any information about an artist’s comeback or album details without the consent of the agency. There is a high possibility that the comeback may not even be from GD&TOP’s unit, but a member’s solo comeback.” The representative also suggested, “The second individual may even be a featured artist.

Although Star Today and other industry officials strongly believe that the alleged comeback may be a new GD&TOP release, many netizens and fans have begun speculating that it may even be a sub-unit debut of G-Dragon and Taeyang, having been recently spotted in California filming a music video.

While the reports of a possible GD&TOP comeback have been surfacing the media, YG Entertainment simultaneously released a new “Who’s Next?” teaser poster for upcoming “YG Hiphop Project 01” and “YG Hiphop Project 02,” causing fans and netizens to further spectulate that these hip-hop projects might involve G-Dragon, T.O.P, or Taeyang.

Stay tuned to Koreaboo for further information as they are revealed!

Source: Star Today