G-Dragon and Taeyang reveal they strongly disagreed with Seungri joining BIGBANG

On the May 21st episode of KBS’ Happy Together 3, the BIGBANG members came together to share tales from their time together as a group.

The story of a rocky past among the members came up. Taeyang started, “I saw Seungri for the first time on an audition program. During one of the episodes, a judge pointed out, ‘Why did you sleep when everyone else was practicing?'”.

To this Seungri answered, “Everyone slept, but it was edited as if I were the only one who did. When G-Dragon and I saw that scene we said to each other, ‘What are we going to do if a guy like THAT joins?’ and a week after he actually did.”

Seungri continued, “G-Dragon really hated that BIGBANG was going to be five members. He had been preparing as a hip-hop duo similar to Deuce with Taeyang. He hated the fact that he had to debut as a five-member idol group.

The practice room door was open one day and I heard, ‘Why do I have to do it with them? I’ve been practicing with Taeyang for six years. What is this?’ I was nervous. After that, our eyes met, but he would ignore me and leave. We didn’t talk for three months. He acted like I was invisible.”

However, the two were soon able to heal their relationship with a television drama.

He said, “After three months, there was an opportunity for us to get closer. G-Dragon and I really got into the drama ‘Goong.’ The first time he talked to me was because of the drama – he asked me when the drama was going to air. I watched all the episodes from the drama and I was relieved to see that Yoon Eun Hye met with Joo Ji Hoon again.”

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Source: Joins and Seoul EN