G-Dragon and Taeyang tweet their support for Se7en’s “Elisabeth”

Despite no longer belonging to the same agency, G-Dragon and Taeyang continue to express their support for Se7en’s solo endeavours. 

After sharing the teaser for his upcoming musical project on April 23rd, Se7en received a warm support from Taeyang after he shared the same clip on his respective Twitter account, while G-Dragon added the retweet with a message saying, “Hyung Fighting.” 

To this, Se7en posted his sincere replies saying, “I love you” and “I love you my brother MADE Fighting,” showing his support for BIGBANG’s upcoming concert over the weekend.

Since finishing his mandatory military service early this year, it was reported that YG Entertainment and Se7en opted to officially part ways. However, despite the differences, the agency emphasised that they will continue to support the artist as he continues as a free agent.

Se7en will resume activities starting with the musical project Elisabeth this June.