G-Dragon Exposes BIGBANG’s Adorable Private Online Conversations Yet Again On Instagram

Once more, G-Dragon is the one to expose the cute side of his fellow BIGBANG members. 

Despite being known for their cool and trendy image, it seems like BIGBANG has a different side outside the limelight.

On June 6th, G-Dragon posted a screenshot of their private group chat and unveiled the cute side of members T.O.P and Seungri. The post which was tagged as “Big Seunghyun and Small Seunghyun,” featured a conversation between the two members.

Seungri was seen in agreement with T.O.P as he says, “ I got it, hyung. I’ll go,” with T.O.P expressing his affections with, “I love you my dongsaeng.” One of the last replies in the conversation was G-Dragon going, “You two are cute,” seemingly interested in the members’ interactions.

This is not the first time the members shared snippets of their private group conversations.

Meanwhile, the rest of the members are busy with various fan meeting events across Asia, while T.O.P remains busy with his filming commitments.

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Source: Asia Today