[★VIDEO] G-Dragon meets Choo Sarang in the next episode of “Superman is Back”

Choo Sarang fulfils the ultimate fan wish as she gets the chance to hang out with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in an upcoming episode of Superman is Back

In the teaser trailer that aired on September 24th, fans of the program were given a preview of next week’s episode which featured scenes from G-Dragon’s visit. In particular, the encounter has brought  much attention as Sarang has always voiced out her love for G-Dragon, singing and dancing along to BIGBANG’s songs in previous episodes. G-Dragon also reciprocated this by posting his love over the child entertainer on his personal SNS.

The teaser highlighted the first meeting of the two as Choo Sarang entertained G-Dragon with her pure, white dress, along with her dad, as they welcomed him into their home.

At some point, G-Dragon caused laughter after he was seen not being able to handle Sarang, laughing at the incident by the end of the clip, sparking much curiousity.

The episode is set to air next Friday.


Source: Dispatch