[★TRENDING] G-Dragon responds after his subway disguise goes viral in Korea

The internet is abuzz after it was revealed that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Seungri were spotted taking public transportation in South Korea. 

On May 19th, a fan was able to capture photos of G-Dragon after spotting him taking the public subway. Despite trying to hide his identity with a hat, sunglasses and mask, G-Dragon was not able to make a complete disguise while on his way to the airport.

As the photo circulated through various SNS sites and community portals, G-Dragon subtly confirmed the recent public trip by posting the photo of his subway card through Instagram.

Furthermore, on a separate occasion, Seungri was also seen taking the subway as he posted his photo with the tags saying, “#HongikUniversityStation #AirportRailway.” 

BIGBANG is revealed to have left for Jeju Island through Gimpo Airport today for a scheduled music video shoot.

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Source: TVReport and Newsen