G-Dragon reveals why he had a heavy emotional slump after his solo album

G-Dragon shared at the recent BIGBANG concert that he experienced a slump last year.

BIGBANG kicked off their first concerts for the MADE world tour on April 25th and 26th at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, where G-Dragon shared his ups and downs from the past two years.

G-Dragon stated, “I’ve been well. I released a solo album prior to last year and I was able to perform well because of the love and support.

Though he had a good year promoting his solo album, G-Dragon said, “In all honesty, I was in a slump that wasn’t a normal slump. I worried a lot. The group has grown due to all the fans, so I unknowingly felt a heavy burden because it’s been a long time since we released an album. I worried a lot because of this, but we worked well, as we continued.

To explain how he overcame this slump, G-Dragon added, “I thought to myself that I just need to work. We got together frequently and worked.

BIGBANG’s last activity as a group was three years ago with Still Alive. For the MADE world tour, BIGBANG are planning on performing in 15 countries including China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and United States with a total of 70 performances.

Source: Osen