G-Dragon and Taeyang team up for YG hip-hop project #1

BIGBANG fans, it’s time to show your excitement! YG Entertainment revealed G-Dragon‘s partner in their upcoming hip-hop unit project set to debut on November 21st via a new teaser image.

Released on November 18th via YG-Life, G-Dragon and Taeyang will temporarily, but officially team up for a upcoming unit single.

This collaboration is further significant, as the two artists were originally planned to debut together as the group GDYB prior to BIGBANG’s debut. Though plans for the duo were replaced with a five-member group debut, it seems that YG Entertainment has decided to push the plans to make this collaboration a reality.

Known to be very close friends, G-Dragon has almost always been seen in Taeyang’s solo music videos, though an official unit or collaboration was never promoted as such.

Their single is set to drop on November 21st.