G-Friend takes 9th overall trophy for “Rough” on Show Champion + other performances

On the February 17th broadcast of Show Champion, G-Friend was awarded their 9th music show trophy for “Rough”!

Unfortunately, due to leaving following their performance on the show to attend the 5th Gaon K-POP Chart Awards, where they won Rookie of the Year, G-Friend was not present to personally accept their trophy.

Other performances for the night included Double S 301 (SS301), 4MINUTE, G-Friend, AOA Cream, Rainbow, Yoo Seung Woo, Brave Girls, Cross Gene, The Legend, Stellar, IMFACT, Nop.K, Rion Five, Flashe, VROMANCE, and Jo Jung Min.

AOA Cream – I’m Jelly Baby

Double S 301 – Sorry, I’m Busy + PAIN

Rainbow – Pretend + Whoo

Brave Girls – Deepened

G-Friend – Rough

Yoo Seung Woo – Whatever ft. Jooheon

4MINUTE – Hate


Rion Five – Unbroken

VROMANCE – Already Winter

IMFACT – Lollipop

The Legend – Crush On You

Jo Jung Min – Superman

Flashe – Lip Bomb

Stellar – Sting

Cross Gene – Hey You Noona