G-Friend welcomes in the new year with a perfect all-kill

In addition to having won several music shows already for their latest comeback “Rough,” G-Friend ushered in the new year with a perfect all-kill. 

Taking first place on all major music charts as well as the weekly iChart, the rookie girl group wowed fans with the first perfect all-kill of the year. Despite being rookies, the group proved their popularity with the major accomplishment, which was only achieved less than a dozen times last year. Upon hearing the news, netizens praised G-Friend for the quality of their music and choreography.

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[+ 478, – 36] Perfect all kill…what a perfect beginning of the year

[+ 416, – 29] It’s amazing how a song that’s over a year old is back in charts

[+ 370, – 33] The public is recognizing their hard work!! I hope they stay humble and keep on succeeding

[+ 343, – 30] I can seriously count on their music now

Source: OSEN