G.NA discusses differences between straight and gay men

On the October 17th episode of JTBC Witch Hunt, solo artist G.NA revealed her thoughts on the differences between gay and straight men.

In addition to G.NA, Oh Chang Suk appeared as a guest on the latest episode. During the program, a cut scene of Shin Dong Yup and G.NA was mentioned, and due to the fact that the skit was meant to provoke sexuality, she blushed cutely.

Hong Suk Chun, a famous gay celebrity in Korea, responded by stating that he can hug G.NA without hesitation, and G.NA positively responded to his statement.

When Shin Dong Yup asked G.NA if there was a difference between hugging a straight man and a gay man, she immediately responded by saying that it is “totally different”. She further commented that gay men can understand women a lot better, and called Hong Suk Chun her girlfriend.

Source:  My Daily