g.o.d Shows Support for Yoon Kyesang at screening of “Red Carpet”

g.o.d’s Joon Park updated his Instagram with a photo of himself and his fellow members attending a screening of the movie “Red Carpet,” which stars their fellow member Yoon Kyesang. The members seemed to have had a good time, and Joon Park raves about the film in his post.

Joon Park, Kim Taewoo, Danny Ahn and Son Hoyoung attended a screening for “Red Carpet,” in order to support Yoon Kyesang. Joon Park posted this photo of the group on his Instagram account with the caption,

“Ah~saw #redcarpet just a moment ago with the #god dongsaengs~just so touching man! It was very fun to watch! Ah, our #yoonkyesang’s sincerity was the best! I became my dongsaeng’s fan! I first thought it was a erotic movie, but it happened to be a impressive movie~ This hopeful and touching movie is just my style! I’m proud of you, our Yoon Kyesu! #Seoul #Korea #MovieRedCarpet #fangod #Seoul #Korea #Kpop Just saw my bro #YoonKyesang’s movie “Red Carpet” & all I can say is I am FAN!”

Joon seemed to have taken a blurry picture of the movie poster and then posed with his group mates, giving the movie a thumbs up. It is so sweet to see the members support each other like this.


아~ #레드카펫 지금막 #지오디 동생들과 다함깨봣는대~ 그냥 감동 매앤! 너무잼있깨봣어요! 아 우리 #윤계상 진심쨩! 동생의 팬이됏내요! 난 첨앤 야한영환지 알구봣는대 반전으로 감동을주는영화~딱내 스타일의 희망을주는 감동적인영화! 자랑스럽다 울 윤계쓰! #Seoul #Korea #MovieRedCarpet #fangod #Seoul #Korea #Kpop Just saw my bro #YoonKyesang’s movie “Red Carpet” & all I can say is I am FAN!

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Meanwhile, g.o.d is scheduled to hold an encore concert on October 25th at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul. Have you checked out “Red Carpet” yet? Tell us what you think of the movie.

Source: godjp