g.o.d’s Joon Park reveals he has a girlfriend on “SNL Korea”

The leader of g.o.dJoon Park, makes one of his biggest confessions as he reveals he has a girlfriend on the latest episode of tvN SNL Korea on October 18th. Spilling the beans on his romantic life, Joon Park did not try to hide his relationship when Yoo Se Yoon asked him about whether there was anything he desired. Joon Park replied, “After experiencing my grandmother passing away, I really wished my parents would live for a very long time”.

The topic then moved to whether or not he wanted a girlfriend, to which Joon park claimed that “it would be weird if I were single at the age of 46“, chicly leading up to the revelation of his relationship.

Yoo Se Yoon concluded the topic of love and romance with the steamy question, “When was your last kiss?”. The g.o.d member truthfully admitted that it had been 10 days since his last “peck, rather than kiss”.

And so, Joon Park can now be added to the list of idols who are currently dating! 2014 appears to be an extremely busy, yet meaningful year to the K-pop legend, with the reunion of g.o.d as 5, their 15th anniversary concerts, their upcoming American tour, and his ever-growing popularity from the second season of  SBS Roomate.

Source: TV Report