g.o.d’s Joon Park speak on recent rumors that he will stop performing after marriage

With his wedding closing in just a few weeks, rumors have flown around that Joon Park will be leaving the stage and stop performing as a member of g.o.d.

On May 31st, Joon Park speaks up on the rumors himself via his Instagram and writes, “Its already June! How time flys! In a few more weeks I’ll be getting married~I’m part happy, excited, & to be honest a tad nervous~ BUT it’s the road I chose in life & with the blessings from all of you & God I am getting more confident so I thank u all~!”

“Also, I have read a few replies around the net of some people questioning if after marriage will I stop performing as god… nonsense~!^^ I’m not a petty person like that maaan!”

“As u know, I am who I am today due to my surroundings & being able to stand on stage & perform is ALL DUE TO YOU! Otherwise I would not have anyone to even write this to~Meaning I owe it all to you for being able to stand on stage & perform the way I do~ Some people may not know or forget, BUT fans like you are the ones who fuel the artists & enable them to perform on stage the way that they do~”

“So with that said as long as I have even 1 fan in a crowd who believes in me I will never stop! Marriage isn’t an end BUT just another new beginning… BBBAAAMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Joon Park will be getting married to his longtime girlfriend 13-years his junior on June 26th.

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