g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo to release solo album in December

g.o.d‘s Kim Tae Woo is expected to make a comeback with a new solo album in mid-December! Kim Tae Woo’s current agency Soulshop Entertainment announced this news on November 14th, following a successful g.o.d concert and Kim Tae Woo’s solo concert in America.

With his 15 years of accumulated experience performing on stage, Kim Tae Woo has reached a level where he is able to take the stage with great charisma. The singer manages to awe his listeners with his trademark husky voice, raising expectations for his upcoming solo album.

While g.o.d was in Los Angeles and New Jersey for their 15th anniversary concerts on November 7th and 9th, Kim Tae Woo further explored the U.S on his own as he traveled to New York City for a solo concert on November 13th. This was his first time holding a solo concert in the United States. Kim Tae Woo made full use of his time in the States, as he also personally went to show support as a member of an organization in New York commemorating South Korean comfort women.

Kim Tae Woo is currently actively promoting on various television programs, making weekly appearances with his two daughters on SBS variety show Oh! My Baby every Saturday at 5pm KST, as well as a cameo appearance and contributing to the OST of SBS drama My Lovely Girl.

The g.o.d members also recently appeared on JTBC Hidden Singer with stunning, memorable stages.

Source: xportsnews