G. Tiger returns with “Father’s Backside” MV

G. Tiger returns with his music video for “Father’s Backside.” Unlike other music videos, this artistic one tells its story through charcoal drawings on a drawing pad.

Released on November 25th, the video begins with a drawing of a wealthy man, signified by the amount of money in his hands. However, the wealth slowly slips away, leading to many household fights where plates are shattered.

From this, the story progresses to the father picking up a job washing foreign cars, and the mother crying into her pillow in bed. Afterwards, the father’s originally drawn backside is accompanied with his wife and child, the environment being blurred to represent the singer’s memory of the family.

G.Tiger’s song has him narrating the scenario as the child of the father and mother. He sees how the rich household he lived in when he was young changed when the mountains of debt came. At young, he didn’t understand what was going on, but as he grew older, he realizes what had happened.

Watch his music video below!