Ga In guides you through the making of “Paradise Lost” MV

Brown Eyed GirlsGa In and the director of “Paradise Lost” shared snippets of the music video in the making.

The behind-the-scene footage revealed the stage set up and interviews from Ga In and the music video director.

On the clip uploaded on March 12th, Ga In shared that, “The choreography for the music video was two to three times more tiring. I had take care of my current body condition. Even though I was exhausted, I enjoyed the filming.

Meanwhile, Hwang Soo Ah, the music video’s director also talked about the process of the shoot and revealed that, “Just like the usual, it was a tiring process. Because she has something she desires to express, she doesn’t spare any of the energy that she has. Ga In hasn’t changed in the way she works throughout the past ten years.

Ga In also provided details to her choreography and concept and further disclosed that, “When I’m dancing, my mindset is not to be sexy or sensual. Dancing itself is very difficult. I tried my best to use my body to express the wild character as well as the cool feminine side. I’m satisfied that the emotions clearly come through in the music video.

In conclusion to the interview, Ga In says, “I am sure that the album and this music video will be able to be something exceptional and new. I worked extremely hard and I know some people will be shocked; But in another perspective, it can also be viewed as a progressive stage. I hope people can just watch without expectations and enjoy this video.

The “Paradise Lost” music video was released on March 12th and is one of the title tracks for Ga In’s fourth mini-album, Hawwah.

Watch the making-of video here: