Ga In and Jo Kwon’s broadcast reunion after four years on “Happy Together 3”

On a recent ‘Dangerous Some’ episode of Happy Together 3 for KBSBrown Eyed GirlsGa In and 2AM’s Jo Kwon reunited as the ‘Adam Couple’ for the first time in four years.

Bringing out the couple rings they wore while they were a couple on We Got Married for MBC, Jo Kwon and Ga In announced their break-up once again. Explaining that though these couple rings were now ‘break-up rings,’ the rings were very precious to them because of the wonderful times these rings signify. They thanked all their fans for showering them with love while they were a couple and wanted to show their appreciation for the fans by bringing out the rings once again for the show.

Even though it was over four years ago, Jo Kwon and Ga In still seemed to think of themselves as the couple from We Got Married. Stating that he felt even stranger than he did during the last taping of We Got Married, Jo Kwon expressed his sadness at this second breakup announcement, as if it were now official.

Happy Together 3 airs May 7 at 11:10 (KST) on KBS.

Source: TV Report