Ga In shares additional stills from “Paradise Lost” MV

Ga In continues to teaser her many fans about with additional stills from her upcoming music video for “Paradise Lost.

Two stills of “Paradise Lost” have been uploaded to her official Facebook page. The seductive white dress she sports in one of the pictures is very revealing and gives off an image of grown up lust, while still maintaining an innocent image. The other catches Ga In in a blank stare, one which is full of the charm that Ga In has come to be well known for.

For her new mini-album hawwah, Ga In is to portray a “lustful, seductive woman” that shows off her womanly charms. The mini-album will have six songs featured including “Paradise Lost,” “Apple,” “Free Will,” “The First Temptation,” “Two Women,” and “Guilty.”

Her official music video for “Paradise Lost” will be released at midnight KST on March 11th.

오늘 밤. 가인의 새 앨범 [Hawwah]와 더블타이틀 곡 'Paradise Lost'의 뮤직비디오가 공개됩니다.2015.03.12 0시 [Hawwah]

Posted by 가인 Ga-in on Tuesday, March 10, 2015