Ga In teaches risque point choreography of “Paradise Lost”

On March 16th, Ga In gave a short lesson in the point choreography for her title track “Paradise Lost” on 1theK’s Let’s Dance.

The video began with a sexy juxtaposition of scenes from the music video and Ga In’s live performance. Dressed in an all black outfit, Ga In began to introduce her title track and dance. As the original choreography could be hard to follow, the idol simplified the moves for fans to learn.

She began the lesson with the “Temptation Dance,” which she revealed to be her favorite move. Ga In narrated the setting of the dance, having derived its inspiration from the snake’s act of temptation in the Biblical story. Next, she showed off the “Hawwah Dance.” This choreography is the main dance, showcasing how Hawwah became tempted by the snake. Ga In shyly laughed as she explained the source of the dance’s name, revealing the cute personality behind the powerfully sexy dance moves.

After performing the dance moves with her backup dancers, Ga In encouraged fans to learn the dance moves and support her comeback.

Watch her dance tutorial here: