Gaeko x Yankie releases “Cheers” MV ft. Beenzino and Babylon

The first Amoeba Culture “NEWorkend” collaboration project has been released! Gaeko x Yankie have released their single “Cheers” on January 22nd, and are accompanied by fellow artists Beenzino and Babylon.

Gaeko x Yankie start of the year with an exciting and fun track, “Cheers,” a song full of guitar rifts, ratchet, and funky rhythms to crate a great party tune. With additional rapping from Beenzino and vocals from Babylon, “Cheers” produces a brilliant lineup with an equally fresh music video directed by Jung Jin Soo. 

Amoeba Culture is expected to release additional collaboration projects of their own artists with artists outside the agency to create fresh and distinctive sound.

Check it out below!