“Gag Concert” cast wishes best luck for Zico’s “Yes or No”

Cast members of Gag Concert created a short video to cheer on Block B’s Zico in light of his upcoming release of “Yes or No.”

While the rapper has already teased fans with a high-energy music video teaser for the much-loved track, this video message comes as a delight to all.

The catchy chorus of the track has been canonized by the variety crew in introducing their segment with a fun dance as well. In the video message, they remind viewers of the signature thumbs up and down gestures representing the audience participation. The four celebrities surely show their support for Zico amidst the light-hearted clip.

Furthermore, an update on the artist’s own Instagram account reveals that the upcoming single will feature the talents of special guest artist Penomeco.

The single will drop on October 19th.

Check it out here: