“Gangnam 1970” reveals second movie poster featuring Lee Min Ho

On December 23rd, a new poster for the upcoming movie Gangnam 1970, featuring lead actor Lee Min Ho, was released. 

The movie is a gangster film that tells the story of the blood, sweat, and tears that are shed by a character played by Lee Min Ho, with a whole series of events happening in 1970. While the first series of posters featured Lee Min Ho in what appears to be the aftermath of a fight in the mud, the new poster appears to be from right as the battle began. In contrast to the bloody and muddy mess from the first poster, Lee Min Ho appears clean and fresh as he prepares to throw a punch.

Gangnam 1970 stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won as its lead characters, and also features appearances from veteran actors Jung Jin Young and Jung Ho Bin. In addition to the seasoned actors, the movie has also cast Seolhyun from idol group AOA as Lee Min Ho’s sister.

With high expectations for the film, the copyright for Gangnam 1970 has already been pre-sold to 11 other Asian countries. The movie is set to debut soon with a release date of January 21st.

Source: OSEN