“Gangnam 1970” to be released in North America, Europe and the rest of Asia

Set to be making its premiere in Seoul, South Korea on January 21st, Gangnam 1970 is set to be released in North America and Asia. 

Known for its stellar cast such as Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won, Gangnam 1970 will be making its premiere in North America following its run in Asia. The film will start airing in Singapore, Vietnam and Myanmar on January 29th, followed by Taiwan on January 30th with Malaysia and Indonesia by February.

It is also scheduled to be released in Hong Kong and Thailand on February 5th, followed by the United States and Canada on February 6th. The film will be meeting with local audiences in selected cinemas in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and Toronto.

Meanwhile, Gangnam 1970 will also be screen at the European Film Market in Berlin, Germany on February 5th, proving its popularity throughout its global audiences.

Gangnam 1970 is a film by director Yoo Ha which features Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, Jung Jin Young, AOA’s Seolhyun and more. It is depicts the tale of two men and their struggles in Gangnam, Seoul back in the 1970s.

Source: Dispatch