Gangnam Blues releases new teaser ft. AOA’s Seolhyun as Lee Min Ho’s sister

The second trailer for upcoming movie Gangnam 1970 has been unveiled! The movie stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won, who are as close as real brothers, while Seolhyun from idol group AOA joins in the cast list for her debut on the big movie screens.

Gangnam 1970, also known as Gangnam Blues, teased fans with their first movie trailer earlier in October, as it was preparing for its premiere in November this year. However, the movie’s release date has been postponed to January 2015, while movie posters of the two main leads have been unveiled to keep the hype up with their potential viewers. Due to high anticipation of the film, the copyright for Gangnam Blues has already been pre-sold to 11 other Asian countries.

As the movie title suggests, Gangnam 1970 tells a story of the blood, sweat, and tears that are shed by Lee Min Ho with a whole series of events happening in 1970. The movie also invites veteran actors into the cast list, including Jung Jin Young and Jung Ho Bin.

After grabbing a few drama roles, AOA’s Seolhyun will also take up the challenge for her first movie casting in this movie. A special post introducing Seolhyun’s role in Gangnam 1970 was also updated through AOA’s official Facebook account. She will act as Kim Seon Hye, as Lee Min Ho’s younger sister.

Lee Min Ho attended a press conference for the movie along with Kim Rae Won and Jung Jin Young at Apgujeong’s CGV on December 12th. Although Seolhyun was not present yesterday, Lee Min Ho did not forget to mention her, “Because of the movie’s context and the character I play, I was in a very serious mood without much laughter for the 6 months of filming. But when I shared scenes with Seolhyun, the mood becomes happier.

Lee Min Ho and Seolhyun
Photo: OSEN via Heraldcorp

Check out the new trailer below!

Source: Heraldcorp