Gary and Song Ji Hyo lovingly transform as a “Friday Couple” for Chinese talk show

Running Man “Monday Couple” Gary and Song Ji Hyo turn into a “temporary Friday Couple” for a Chinese entertainment program. 

On September 11th, Gary and Song Ji Hyo participated in the filming of an episode for the Hunan Satellite TV’s Day Day Up talk show. Known to have a large fanbase in China, the famous onscreen couple was invited to film for an episode after numerous love calls from the broadcasting agency.

Image: TVReport
TV Report

To tease fans for the upcoming episode of the program, a number of photos were released which featured the two lovingly posing for the cameras. Gary and Song Ji Hyo were said to have actively participated in a number of games and entertaining dialogue leaving the audience interest. In particular, the couple participated in a certain game which seemed to have involved a bit of skinship, which delighted fans.

Meanwhile, Hunan TV also released snippets of the couple’s interview where they talked about their first impressions of each other.

Source: TV Report