Gary discloses his awkward first meeting with “Running Man” member Lee Kwang Soo

Appearing on an episode of Healing Camp, Gary talks about the awkward first meeting he had with his fellow Running Man member, Lee Kwang Soo

In the episode that aired on August 3rd, Lee Kwang Soo made a surprise appearance in support of Gary’s guesting. However, as the segment continued, the singer and rapper talked about the first time he met the model and actor and revealed that his personality is the exact opposite than on the show.

He further disclosed that he met Lee Kwang Soo with Haha and other Running Man members, where they decided to drink in order to get closer. However, having slept in Haha’s house afterwards, Gary woke up sick in his car as was evident on his side door and roof.

Lee Kwang Soo went on to explain that although he wasn’t feeling well, he was too conscious and shy to say anything. Gary confirmed the statement, affirming how Kwang Soo can be shy in real life.

Meanwhile, it was also on the same episode where Song Ji Hyo also cheered on Gary and talked about their “surprise kiss” scene.

Source: ChosunIlbo

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