GD x Taeyang’s “Good Boy” reaches 3 million views in over 39 hours

GD x Taeyang‘s collaboration and single “Good Boy” have proven to be highly anticipated by fans, as the music video to their first unit’s single reached over 3 million views after being released over 39 hours ago.

Published on November 21st at midnight KST, GD x Taeyang unleashed their EDM and hip-hop track, revealing their swagger-like moves in the music video.

Within eight hours of its release, the video garnered 270,000 views, quickly rising to 1.3 million views at hour 14, and reaching 2 million views at hour 22. After being uploaded for over 39 hours, “Good Boy” has reached over three million views! On top of that, the track is topping real-time charts in Korea, as well as international charts on iTunes.

G-Dragon took point on the creation of “Good Boy,” writing and arranging the track, as well as composing the song alongside Fliptones and Freedo.

GD x Taeyang is the first hip-hop unit to debut under YG Entertainment‘s new hip-hop project, with the second three-member team set to release their single in December.

Source: OSEN