GD&TOP breaks 10 million views on “Zutter” MV

On August 20th, the BIGBANG sub-unit GD&TOP broke a whopping 10 million views on their music video for “Zutter.”

The YG Entertainment group as a whole has been dominating the charts and music shows with their extended comeback, taking home numerous trophies and claiming many number 1 spots on realtime charts.

Now, the sub-unit once again proves their might by reaching the 10 million view milestone a little more than two weeks into its release.

The agency has been celebrating one occasion after another as it was recently the birthday of not only member G-Dragon but of BIGBANG as a group as well.

BIGBANG's YouTube Channel
Photo: “Zutter” MV at over 10 million views on YouTube

Source: “Zutter” MV

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