Get a peek into Girl’s Day Minah’s “I Am A Woman Too” MV

With a few hours remaining until her solo debut, Dream Tea Entertainment has given fans a small taste into their artist’s upcoming music video.

The short 15-second teaser doesn’t give much away, but at the same time, allows viewers to perceive what they can expect when the full version is released in just a hours. Sitting in a case filled with smoke, Minah unleashes all her womanly and mature charisma, revealing a side unseen from her in normal Girl’s Day promotions.

For her solo debut, she has taken a special photoshoot to show several sides of herself, particularly one in which she poses with a nude male model.

She will be releasing her first mini-album I Am A Woman Too on March 16th at noon KST. This will be followed up with a street showcase, returning to the same streets she sung live to before her debut.