Girl group Grade 7 Class 1 explains their on stage underwear controversy

After Grade 7 Class 1‘s controversy involving the members allegedly showing their underwear on stage came to light, their agency has now fully explained the situation.

The group made their debut back in January of 2014 with the track “Oppa Virus” and then quickly followed up with “Always” just a few months later in May 2014. Since then, they released “Farewell Fighting” and even released the track “Hey You” as an OST for the MBC drama, Sweeden Laundry. In June 2015, they returned with a new track by the name of “White Wind.”

However, Grade 7 Class 1 has now become a hot topic of discussion after the members allegedly wore underwear that was visible due to their choreography that involves turning around and dancing on stage. According to Korean media, the group members tried to explain the situation but it actually caused more harm for them than good.

Their agency, Different Star Entertainment, released an official statement regarding the stage outfit controversy on July 20th. They explained, “they should have worn [inner pants] no matter what but they found out they forgot them right before recording. [But] they had no choice but to get up on stage.”

They also sent along a quote from group leader, Baek Sehee, explaining the situation. She stated, “I knew that as a rookie group, I couldn’t just do the choreography poorly so I had no time to think about not wearing the inner pants and did the choreography the same as usual.”

The controversy originally begin after a direct camera view video of their performance on July 9th showing the alleged underwear scene went viral on the internet. Many netizens gathered to discuss whether she was really wearing only her underwear and still did the choreography or if it was actually really short pants, which are commonly worn by most girl groups that wear short skirts.

However, due to the agency’s official statement and the quote from Baek Sehee herself, it was confirmed that the she was indeed only wearing her underwear. Netizens expressed their discontent with the situation but sided with the rookie group, mostly blaming the agency and staff.

[ +1,197 / -38] I guess the leader took the bullet for noise marketing… After seeing this, I think Girl’s Day also didn’t wear inner pants and wore skin color panties in order to market them.

[ +862 / -74] The members are not at fault, it’s the agency and the outfit coordinator.

[ +817 / -170] Disgusting….

Source: Kookmin Ilbo and Bugs