Girl Group members who look even better in real life

A post made on August 1st titled, “Girl group members who look crazy beautiful in real life” has been going viral. The article featured several girl group member who (in the opinion of the original poster) are the most beautiful in real life.

Jiyeon  (T-ARA)

Hayoung (Apink)

Sojin (Girl’s Day)

Victoria (f(x))

Nam Jihyun (4MINUTE)

Hyejung (AOA)

Seohyun (SNSD)

Suzy (Miss A)

[+ 36, – 10] Oh Hayoung seriously. I’m not a fan but her visuals in real life her crazy. She has very distinct features, she’s tall and her proportions…she’s a goddess

[+ 27, – 10] So f’ing pretty…


[+ 22, – 8] Of course she can’t be left out

Source: Pann