Girl’s Day enjoys “Hoolala Chicken” in their latest CF

In Hoolala Chicken’s latest CF revealed on January 5th, Girl’s Day gets a mouthful of savory fried chicken after a long day.

In the beginning of the CF, Girl’s Day dances to their hit song, “Expectation,” while dressed in their signature suspenders. Rather than using the usual lyrics of the song, Girl’s Day replaces the words with “Hoolala” while singing about how delicious the chicken is.

After a long day of practice, the girls return to their home in the CF. Craving for some food in their stomachs, the members of Girl’s Day all eagerly agree to buy Hoolala Chicken to satisfy their cravings. The girls then commence to enjoy their chicken, taking huge bites out of the wings and drumsticks.

In other news, Girl’s Day is currently working on their comeback, with their song expected to be released within the first half of 2015.

2014 International Hallyu Awards (2014IHA)
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