Girl’s Day Minah poses with nude male model in new image teaser

Girl’s Day Minah continues to captivate her audience through the various jacket photo pictorials for her upcoming solo mini-album, I Am A Woman Too.

Capturing every side of personality in her previous image teasers, Minah is found in the embrace of what appears to be a nude male. She expresses her more mature and feminine side in this pictorial, wearing a strapless dress and holding a bouquet filled with thin twigs and only two flowers that modestly hides the male model’s private area.

Photographer Park Sang Moo commented, “In collaboration of the white flowers and male model, this expresses Minah’s maturity from a girl to a woman. The concept of the album ‘I Am A Woman Too’ tells the story of a woman’s maturity, growth, and emotions.”

Minah will be releasing her album on March 16th, where she will first begin by holding a street showcase on the streets of Myeongdong, the same area she had spent her days performing on the streets prior to her debut.


Source: OSEN