Girl’s Day releases NG cuts from Hoolala Chicken CF

On February 5th, Dream Tea Entertainment group Girl’s Day released a blooper reel from their recent CF for Hoolala Chicken.

The video, which runs for two minutes and five seconds, features the four members of Girl’s Day acting silly during the filming of the commercial, resulting in scenes that could not be included in the official release of the commercial. Despite not making the cut for the commercial itself, the bloopers from the Hoolala Chicken CF definitely make for an entertaining time for fans of the girls!

The video starts off with the girls playing with hula hoops, but failing to be in sync and sometimes even dropping the hoops. Of the members, leader Sojin seemed to have the hardest time, as she needed to keep the hoop balanced and swinging with just her right foot.

During several scenes, members Yura and Minah couldn’t seem to stop laughing, resulting in several hilarious takes for each of them. Hyeri, on the other hand, tried several ways to perform her lines, trying to find the perfect tone. Toward the end of the video, Hyeri even showed some of her famous aegyo. Make sure to check out the hilariously cute NG cuts from Girl’s Day’s recent Hoolala Chicken CF below!


Posted by Girls Day on Thursday, February 5, 2015