Girl’s Day shares their excitement for new LG AKA smartphones with selcas

Girl’s Day uploaded selcas as they excitedly got the chance to decorate their very own smart phones from LG‘s new line, AKA

On December 3rd, Girl’s Day shared their selcas over their SNS account with the caption, “I am decorating my own smartphones,” while including the tags #AKA and #GirlsDay.

The four members are shown with the latest LG phone line, AKA, as they adorably pose. Hyeri is seen with a navy blue themed phone while perking her lips, whereas Yura is set to decorate her phone as it is in all white. Following, Sojin and Minah showcase their natural beauty as they pose with pink and yellow phones.

Meanwhile Minah was a special guest on November 26th’s episode of SBS’s Eco Village, while Hyeri appeared on the 68th episode of JTBC’s variety show, Witch Hunt. In addition, Yura has been appearing on MBC We Got Married as a couple with model and actor, Hong Jong Hyun.

내가 꾸미는 나만의 스마트폰, #AKA ♥#걸스데이 가 드디어 핸드폰 CF를 !!!!

Posted by Girls Day on Tuesday, December 2, 2014