Girl’s Day’s Sojin confirmed to star in new SBS weekend drama

The 29-year old singer Sojin of Girl’s Day has been confirmed to be starring in an upcoming SBS weekend drama, “Get Out! Family”, which is set to begin airing this December following the conclusion of “Modern Farmer”.

The drama is said to be about the struggles of a family fighting over a $10 million dollar inheritance left to them by the grandmother, who left the family fifty years ago. Girl’s Day Sojin is set to play the lead character’s sister. Her character is described as having a bad personality, as well as being a divorcee after a short-lived marriage.

The drama is set air after the conclusion of “Modern Farmer”, which will air its first episode on October 18th. The drama’s English title has yet to be confirmed, but can be directly translated as “Get Out! Family”.

Sojin recently made her acting debut with TV Chosun’s drama, “Best Marriage”. She will not be the only Girl’s Day member to be filming a drama, however, as her fellow member Yura will be participating in an upcoming SBS drama “Be Confident”. Are you looking forward to Sojin’s upcoming drama?

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day made a comeback with an emotional music video for their new ballad track “I Miss You”!

Source: Daily Sports News