Girl’s Day Yura’s father questions the lack of skinship on “We Got Married”

After finally meeting his pretend in-laws on MBC We Got Married, Hong Jong Hyun was caught off-guard with Yura’s father’s shocking statement regarding skinship.

On the November 29th broadcast of We Got Married, Hong Jong Hyun and Yura visited Yura’s parents’ home located in Ulsan, South Korea for the first time after “getting married.” On this day, the couple made their traditional bows to the idol star’s parents and spent quality family time together.

During the episode, however, Yura’s father made a rather scandalous statement towards the couple that put Hong Jong Hyun in a perplexed situation. Yura’s father directed a question towards the couple, asking, “Have you guys had some skinship on your way to our home?” Hong Jong Hyun remained speechless until his father-in-law continued with another question, “How come the progress of skinship in your relationship is so slow?

On the other hand, Yura’s mother stated in response to her husband, “I’m against their skinship. They got married without any dating and went straight into a marriage, so they need time to get to know each other first.

Hong Jong Hyun, still a bit perplexed, muttered quietly to his father-in-law, “I thought you would have been relieved that there wasn’t much skinship between us…

Netizens and viewers of the show left comments regarding the couple’s skinship and Yura’s father’s statement, saying, “Their skinship is actually pretty strong when they do have it. Her father is asking for too much!” “Yura’s father is hilarious, very unexpected,” and, “Doesn’t Yura’s father get nervous and worried? I would if I had such a pretty daughter like Yura!

Source: Media It and Newsen