Girl’s Day’s Hyeri suffers from slight wardrobe malfunction on “Sunam Girls’ High School Detectives

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri suffers from a slight wardrobe malfunction during the filming of her drama, Sunam Girls’ High School Detectives. 

On January 2nd, jTBC aired their New Year’s Special programming where they released snippets from the set of Sunam Girls’ High School Detectives. However, during the filming, Hyeri made a slight tumble which accidentally tore her skirt.

Fortunately, there were no major injuries, but the singer and actress was seen surprised by the incident and laughed at her torn wardrobe saying, “How does this happen? I guess I was working too hard.” Hyeri managed to continue with the filming as she placed pins to hold her skirt back together again.

Meanwhile, jTBC is set to air the first of episode of Sunam Girls’ High School Detectives on January 16th featuring Jin Ji Hee, Kang Min Ah, Lee Min Ji and Stephanie Lee.

Source: Newsen