Girl’s Day’s Sojin welcomes Hyeri to Instagram!

The adorable soldier of Girl’s Day‘s, Hyeri, has finally joined in on the Instagram craze with her fellow member, Sojin, welcoming her to the new SNS world!

On November 12th, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri posted a selca of herself with four other actresses for their upcoming jTBC drama, SunAm Girls’ High School Detective Team, as her very first photo after creating an Instagram account.

In the photo, Hyeri, along with actresses Jin Ji Hee, Kang Min Ah, Stephanie Lee, and Lee Min Ji are holding up the script books for their drama as they pose and smile brightly for the camera.

The idol’s caption for the photo reads, “Finally revealing SunAm Girls’ High School Detective Team. Thanks to Ji Hee I’m starting Instagram!!!! Girl’s Day’s Hyeri. Is this how you use Instagram?? kekeke We’re in the middle of script reading and it feels so good!! It always makes my heart flutter a bit wearing a student’s uniform again, hehe. Yaehee, fighting. Please watch out for us.

In response to Hyeri’s new SNS profile, Girl’s Day’s leader, Sojin, posted a selca with the caption, “Black. Hyeri. Lee Hyeri @hyeri_0609 started Instagram! Welcome :D!! You’re thankful, right?” cutely asking Hyeri if she is thankful for letting their fans know about her newly opened account.

Upon seeing the verification from Sojin that Hyeri’s Instagram is, in fact, real, fans have been leaving comments like, “Welcome to Instagram!” “I love you so much, good luck on your drama!” and “Give us lots and lots of pictures!

Hyeri will most likely be playing the role of Yaehee in the drama in which the details of the cast have not yet been revealed.

The production or broadcast of SunAm Girls’ High School Detective Team, a popular mystery novel that was first written and published by author Park Ha Ik in 2013, has not yet been decided, but staff of jTBC believe that the first episode will most likely air during mid-December.



Source: TV Report