Girls’ Generation shares photos from Yuri’s birthday celebration

As Yuri turned 26 on December 5th, Girls’ Generation celebrated her birthday and shared photos from their little gathering on SNS. 

On December 5th, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, Sunny, Seohyun and Sooyoung shared photos from their little celebration, despite being busy preparing for their upcoming Dome concert in Tokyo, Japan. After seeing their tributes on social networking sites such as Instagram, Yuri initially made an update saying, “D-4 Tokyo Dome concert. I’m spending my birthday with my best friends because of rehearsals. I am with the people I like, doing what I like ^^ I am the happiest person in the world today.”

Yuri also shared her thoughts of the surprise celebration prepared by the staff and the members and left another update thanking them saying, “Rehearsing at the venue and.. It was a total surprise. I am soo touched. Thank you so much!”

For the entire day, members of the group have been actively updating fans of their birthday surprise for Yuri, along with posting funny photos of the member as their form of greeting.

Meanwhile,Girls’ Generation will be holding their first concert in Tokyo Dome, Japan on December 9th as they celebrate their 4th anniversary since making their debut back in 2010.

double smiles, doubles the happiness #HAPPYYURIDAY #yuriupdates

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생일 너무너무 축하해요~율언니♡ #이게진짜사진ㅋㅋ #유리언니생축♡

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Happy birthday 율언니♡ #내마음을담은사진 #유리언니생일축하해요

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생일축하해 유리야~~ 사랑해~~~~ #GG

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