Girls’ Generation Sunny leaves mysterious message telling Jessica to “come home”?

Girls’ Generation Sunny is creating waves across the SONE fandom for her comments made on MBC FM4U Sunny’s FM Date, where she played Roy Kim‘s “Home”, with a heartwarming message for a mysterious friend. 

During DJ Sunny’s show, she played Roy Kim’s “Home” and revealed her honest thoughts in a comment saying, “To be honest, I get lost in my thoughts whenever I listen to this song. I think it sounds like my story, something I want to let someone listen to, I can relate to the lyrics. I know you’re not listening but I want to say, If you are tired or feel like there is no one around you anymore you can always come back home. That was just something to I wanted to say to a friend.”

During the episode, fans noticed that Sunny’s voice and expression was very low key, and not her usual cheery self. While she did not mention a specific name or person, fans are guessing the message was meant for Jessica, who was removed from Girls’ Generation earlier this year.

When examining the lyrics for Roy Kim’s “Home”, it seems to reveal more on the matter and confirm SONEs thoughts. The lyrics read as follow:

“Bright lights, busy schedules, I know your true and tired self. Stuck between what you have to do, what you want to do your shoulders always seem weighed down and the only gift I could give you was to come greet you with a smile when I heard your footsteps. Are you okay? I know you’re tired. Don’t worry about me. When your heart feels sick, when there is no one else, you can always come here.”

Source: MyDaily