Girls’ Generation Sunny receives hateful comments over latest Instagram post

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny receives backlash from Japanese extremists with her latest post on Instagram in celebration of the 96th anniversary of the March 1st movement. 

As South Korea celebrates the 96th Anniversary of the the historic movement for Korean independence, a number of idols and celebrities including Sunny commemorated the celebrations through their SNS updates.

However, Sunny is receiving backlash from her Japanese fans for the caption she posted with her update. Posting a photo of the Korean flag on March 1st, she expressed her thoughts on the movement saying, “There is no future for a nation who has forgotten their history.” 

With her strong popularity and fan base in Japan as a member of Girls’ Generation, the caption was not taken lightly as the said update received negative comments from a number of her Japanese followers.

Meanwhile, despite the backlash, Sunny was also defended by her Korean fans online.

The March 1st movement was a day of historic public movement in South Korea as they drafted the nation’s Declaration of Independence against the Japanese rule.

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Source: Newsen