Girls’ Generation Sunny shows off her bikini body

Girls’ Generation member Sunny posted a tweet in a red bikini in midst of their summer promotions for “Party.”

Girls’ Generation member Sunny shared a sexy photo of herself via Twitter wearing a hot red bikini by the swimming pool.

Alongside her bikini picture, Sunny commented “Release of bonus cuts.”

She also promoted Girls’ Generation’s new song “Party” by adding “Party this summer with Girls’ Generation” in the caption.

Her glamorous sexy look in a red bikini caught attention of her twitter followers and netizens. The netizens were in awe as she is wearing a red bikini that matches her new hair color for this summer promotion of “Party.”

Girls’ Generation have started their promotion of their song “Party” on July 10th and will be continuing to do so this summer.

[+659, -115] Sunny has always been different since she was young….On “Invincible Youth,” I remember what she said while dancing with the baby.

“Auntie can’t give you food (milk) yet.”

[+519, -157] It’s the real thing!! The real thing has appeared!! Sunny is glamorous alright

[+424, -118] I’m jealous 🙁

Source: Nate News