Girls’ Generation Sunny’s Attempt At Korean Patriotism Angers Japanese K-Pop Fans

To celebrate the anniversary of the March 1st movement, a holiday that celebrates Korean national independence from Japan, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny posted a photo of the Korean flag on her Instagram account. 

Along with the photo, the singer also attached a caption, which read “A country that has forgotten its history has no future,” warning fellow Koreans to not forget about how their ancestors had suffered under Japanese colonialism in the past.

However, after seeing her post, many of Sunny’s Japanese fans felt attacked by her status, and left their thoughts and word of advice as comments for the Girls’ Generation member:

1. Unni, no Sunny. I understand now what you really feel like. I really love Girls’ Generation, but now I know what you’re thinking even when you’re in Japan. So we have no future?
2. A lot of your fans are Japanese. Do you know this makes us feel really uncomfortable? I love Korea, so I’m not going to talk about what’s right according to school or the internet. Know that there are Japanese fans that love you, I see no point in you doing this here even for Korean fans. There are a lot of people in Japan watching your actions. This makes my heart ache that we can’t see you on Japanese TV anymore. Don’t provoke Japan anymore. This might actually worsen situations and help the people trying to drive K-pop out of Japan.
3. So why don’t you just stop coming to Japan to make money?
4. You have fans around the world, so please be more considerate of Japanese fans.

역사를 잊은 민족에게 미래는 없다

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Source: Sirgle