Girls’ Generation Tiffany Reveals Her FAILURES In Auditioning For Foreign Roles

It seems like Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany is setting her sights overseas after revealing that she has auditioned for foreign projects in the past! 

In an exclusive tidbit from her interview for Instyle, Tiffany not only shared her beauty tips and posed for the Spring-inspired shoot, but also talked about her attempts in making it overseas. She talked about her interest in acting and disclosed that, “I have been auditioning for foreign works steadily for the past two years with one actual casting. Unfortunately, I was not able to join due to issues with my schedule.” 

According to the singer, she has been steadily interested in acting and took acting classes to prepare for her roles. Despite the conflicts in her schedule, she expressed that she hopes to get a good work at the right moment.

The full interview will be included in the March issue of Instyle. 

Source: SportsChosun