Girls’ Generation’s SHY Sub-Unit Performs Special Stage At Osaka Concert

Last week, Girls’ Generation and their fellow SM Entertainment artists performed in Japan for the “SMTOWN LIVE TOUR V IN JAPAN/OSAKA” concert.

During the concert, subunit SHY of Girls’ Generation put on a special performance for their fans. The three members, Sooyoung (S), Hyoyeon (H), and Yuri (Y), wore beautiful dresses in each of the primary colors, highlighting their individual charms and beauty.

SHY performed their own rendition of Aya Matsuura’s 2002 track, “Yeah! Meccha Holiday,” much to the delight of the fans in attendance at the concert. The upbeat song and lively dance moves made the special performance look like a lot of fun.

Check out a fancam of SHY’s special stage of “Yeah! Meccha Holiday” from SMTOWN’s Osaka concert below!

Source: TV Report and sasukeTAICHOU04