Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung stuns with her new short hairstyle at “BOONTHESHOP” event

Singer-actress Sooyoung made an appearance at the recent The World of STELLA at BOONTHESHOP event on May 20th, where she showed off her new short hairdo.

Less than two months ago, Sooyoung was seen sporting her traditional long hair length in Girls’ Generation‘s most recent release “Catch Me If You Can” well until May 3rd from her most recent Instagram post where she revealed a photo of herself in the recording studio.

Undoubtedly holding a more mature flare with her new short hairstyle, Sooyoung stepped onto the media platform at the BOONTHESHOP event and wowed everyone with her sexy and fashionable outfit, a one-piece ankle length and knitted like dress that showed off her hips and lean figure.

Her recent appearance also sparked interest from fans who are wondering if her sudden change in style means Girls’ Generation’s Korean comeback is quickly approaching.

Source: TV Report