Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon fangirls over BoA’s new hair

Girls’ Generations’ Taeyeon left a sweet reply on one of BoA’s latest Instagram updates showing off the latter’s new short haircut.

On May 29th, soloist BoA showed off her latest hairstyle in a cheery update on her personal Instagram account. To the delight of many fans, fellow SM Entertainment artist Taeyeon left a comment, complimenting her new hair cut.

Taeyeon’s comment reads: “Unnie’s cute hair looks really good! How do you make the mid-length hairstyle look so good? I’m watching Music Bank right now and unnie is the most beautiful of today’s performers..

BoA replied, “Taeyeon~~~~ ^^ ㅋㅋ thank you~~ I want to cut my hair before I get older~~!! Hehe~~ See you soon ^^“.

boa reply
Photo: Taeyeon’s comment on BoA’s photo
boa reply ig
Photo: BoA’s reply to Taeyeon’s comment

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